Detox While Black

Welcome to our new journey. During this pandemic a lot of us have found ourselves in the kitchen experimenting with dishes we have never made before including pastas and breads. We have also found ourselves drinking more than usual or have been drinking at home with nowhere to go to burn it off. I, Jade have found myself doing the same and it has begun to show in the most unpleasant way.

I recently decided to change some of my worst habits and become a better me. This journey is not just about me losing weight but feeling better about myself and feeling guilt free after I eat or drink anything. Starting my mornings with smoothies or light breakfasts has already changed how productive I want to be for the remainder of the day. In the next few blog posts I will be posting recipes, the costs of my ingredients and my workout routine using the Nike Training Club App. At the end of this journey I will post the change in my weight (and tone of body if I'm not too shy). I hope you all are willing to join me on this food adventure and love who we are even more after it is all done.

** I will be on a pollo-pescatarian diet which means I will only be consuming chicken, fish and turkey (white meat only) outside of my fruit smoothies and drinks.

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